Giorgia Donà

Italian conference interpreter

Experience and professionalism
for your international audience

For the last two decades I have been interpreting and translating at high level for multinational groups, international institutions, prime ministers and politicians, top international lawyers, news channels and even world-famous actors.

I facilitate communication in situations where the correct transfer of a message makes the difference between the success or the failing of business negotiations, lawsuits and media events.

If you need to convey an important message, choose a voice you can trust!

When it comes to communicating your brand and ideas to a foreign audience, the means you use to do it can often determine how well you will be understood, which in turn can positively or negatively affect your business and reputation.

My offer includes:

Simultaneous interpreting
Remote simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Whispered interpreting
Liaison interpreting
Interpreting team leader
Live subtitling (interlingual respeaking)
Audio transcription and translation
Document translation
Editing and proofreading

In the following language combinations:

English ↔ Italian
French & Spanish → Italian

Choose an experienced language partner

During my two decades of experience working as a professional interpreter and translator, I have helped my clients meet their many types of communication needs, including:

I offer bespoke interpretation services for large and small business meetings, events, conferences, exhibitions and symposia, as well as conference consultancy services to help you meet all your translation needs for your multilingual event, from interpreting equipment hire, to putting together the interpreters team, to translating your conference material.

I maintain an active program of continuous professional development (CPD).

Make sure your message shines on the international stage.


This is why my clients return to me time and time again, with some of them regularly using my services for decades.