I know how crucial my role can be in making sure that communication flows effortlessly in a meeting setting.

With me as your language communication expert, you are in safe hands


A qualified professional

I studied conference interpreting at undergraduate and post-graduate level both in Italy (my home country) and in the UK; I trained at the European Commission in Brussels, the UN Office in Vienna, the IMO in London, and I am a member of the NRPSI, a UK professional interpreters association.

My working languages are Italian (A), English (B), Spanish (C), French (C)

  • English ↔ Italian
  • French/Spanish → Italian

and I have obtained most of my language qualifications in the respective country.


Qualifications and Memberships

  • MA in Interpreting and Translating, Bath University, UK – 2001
  • Degree in Interpreting, Turin University – 1999
  • Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, Turin University, 2007
  • DALF – Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, University of Lille III, 2002
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists from 2001 to 2013
  • Member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters – Law and Health sectors – from 2003 to present

Over 21 years of extensive translation and interpreting experience

I’ve interpreted in a wide range of situations, from regular conference settings to legal negotiations on a private jet, from official ambassadors lunches and gala dinners to wine and food tradeshows, from live shows and environmental awards to celebrities press conferences, from fashion shows to international hairdressing events, from air shows to test drives on a car racing track.

I have more than one thousand eight hundred days of conference interpreting work performed all over Europe and remotely, and about 5 million words of written translation under my belt.

Thanks to such breadth of experience I can offer a proactive, hands-on, sector-specific and personalised approach to meet your language needs.


Impress your stakeholders by investing in a culturally sensitive interpreter

With over twenty-four years (and counting) of my life spent in London, I possess a native-level command of the English language and an understanding of the many UK regional accents. I have gained a very good understanding of the English American and Latin American Spanish accents through the profession.

I maintain a perfect command of my native language through regular business travels to Italy. All this gives me a unique insight into different markets, cultural attitudes and corporate etiquettes, that I can use to help you win over that all-important prospect!

I have dual nationality (Italian and British), which allows me to travel without restrictions in and out of the UK for those all-important post-Brexit renegotiation meetings.


Truly international

In addition to being London-based, I have a wide network of contacts also in Northern Italy which allows me to serve my Italian clients more closely in the main cities where business is made, such as TurinMilan, Padua, Bologna and Rome.


Work with the pros

Over the years, I have developed a network of trusted and skilled interpreters and translators in many language combinations and locations, both in the UK and Italy. This allows me to assist you in the search of language professionals for your meetings or document translations while cutting the cost of expensive intermediaries.

If you need an experienced team of linguists, ask a linguist with first-hand knowledge!

Speak to be heard: your message, my voice.