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Depending on your organisational or personal needs, there are several types of interpretation I will help you choose from. All are used to bridge linguistic and cultural barriers in different settings.

Simultaneous interpreting from a sound-proofed booth

As a simultaneous interpreter, I will be working from a sound-proofed booth (hired separately), delivering my translation in real-time to the delegates who will be listening through their headsets.

For meetings longer than 45 minutes/1 hour, two interpreters will be needed, working in turns of 20 – 30 minutes. The booth(s) can be installed inside the actual conference room or in a separate room.

Usual settings for this mode of interpretation:

  • large international conferences, such as pharmaceutical congresses, European Works Councils
  • investors roundtables
  • media/televised interviews
  • high-profile court hearings
  • when interpreting live broadcasts for news channels
  • generally in any other scenario demanding a quick relay of information with no background noise distractions
  • ideal for multilingual events, as it’s possible to install multiple language booths

Simultaneous interpreting using a mobile tour-guide system

Simultaneous interpretation can also be performed using portable microphones and headsets (hired separately). This type of interpretation is time-saving as it’s provided in real time, and it is a less costly alternative to the booth setting when interpretation is required mostly in one language combination. Any background noise should be kept to an absolute minimum to allow for accurate interpretation.

Usual settings for this mode of interpretation:

  • factory tours
  • museum tours
  • where the speaker is moving around while talking
  • small and medium-sized conferences

Whispered simultaneous interpreting, or “chuchotage”

I will deliver my translation simultaneously directly to the ear of the delegate, while standing or sitting next to him/her, without relying on any audio equipment.

This modality is time-saving, as it does not interrupt the flow of the conversation, and it is cost-effective because it eliminates the need to rent any equipment. However, it can only be used when few delegates need interpretation (usually one or two). Since I won’t rely on any audio equipment, conditions should be created to allow me, the interpreter, to perfectly hear (and see) the speaker.

Usual settings for this mode of interpretation:

  • small business/bilateral meetings
  • court settings
  • press conferences (together with consecutive interpreting)
  • talk shows

Consecutive interpreting

Working as a consecutive interpreter, I will require no specialist equipment. I will sit or stand beside the speaker and I will listen to him/her for a few minutes or sentences, taking notes, translating to the audience when he/she stops.

Consecutive interpreting extends the amount of time needed for the speech by about 40%, so good time planning is essential! The speaker must remember to pause – every two-three sentences or after about four-five minutes, depending on the amount of technical or factual information conveyed.

Usual settings for this mode of interpretation:

  • press conferences
  • political speeches
  • training courses
  • presentations

Liaison or ad-hoc interpreting

Liaison interpreting is used when there is a 1 to 1 communication between two parties or individuals, with the interpreter translating what one speaker says to the other party and vice versa. There is no equipment necessary.

Usual settings for this mode of interpretation:

  • bilateral meetings
  • official visits
  • one-to-one trainings or interviews
  • legal and business negotiations and for public service (community) interpreting
  • police interpreting


Remote interpreting eliminates the need for on-site interpreters, working off the back of cloud technology to make interpretation happen at any time and anywhere in the world.

Provided a reliable and fast internet connection is available, this allows you to hold your multilingual meetings smoothly even when it’s not possible to meet in person.

Although I have been offering remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) and remote consecutive interpreting (RCI) since 2017, this modality has been the only one possible for interpreting high level meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I now interpret remotely on a daily or weekly basis using videoconferencing and remote interpreting platforms such as, amongst other, Webex, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Vydioconnect, VoiceBoxer, Interprefy, Interactio, SpeakUs, ZipDx, Ablio, Olyusei, iBrdge, QuaQua, Quonda, Alfaview and Kudo.

Amongst the many online prestigious events that I have interpreted are the Rugby World Cup Judicial Committee in streaming from Tokyo, various UN and EU-level meetings, medical symposia and investigator meetings, financial webinars, technical trainings, marketing conventions, shareholders meetings and many more.

Conference interpreting consultant

Providing an interpreting service during an international business meeting shows that you care for your participants and colleagues, and that you are serious about making the meeting a success.

As a seasoned conference interpreter, I possess direct knowledge of many aspects of the organisation of an international meeting, which I will put at your service to make multilingual communication a seamless reality at your event.

I will advise you on:

Acting as a multilingual service provider, I will take care of:

You can count on me for crystal-clear communication from the opening act until the final curtain draw!

Interpreting teacher and assessor

I consider work requests as graduate and post-graduate level interpreting and translation tutor and as written and oral test examiner in interpreting schools.

Between 2010 and 2012 I taught interpreting up to master’s degree level:

Audiovisual translation
and live subtitling

The recent boom in multimedia usage has seen subtitles grow in demand as an ever important part of communication strategies and having a proven, positive and direct effect on viewer engagement. The Covid-19 pandemic has overwhelmingly accelerated the trend: online streaming of virtual meetings featuring a mix of live speeches and pre-recorded videos have now become the norm in the world of multilingual conferences, with (live) subtitles as an effective means to engage your foreign audience and make your event accessible and inclusive when simultaneous interpretation is not an option.

As part of my professional Italian language services, I can live-subtitle your events, on-site or remotely, including from the main conference platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams and many other.

Here’s how live subtitling (also called “interlingual respeaking” or “speech-to-text interpreting”) works: as an interlingual respeaker, I will simultaneously interpret what is said from English to Italian or from Italian into English, dictating also punctuation marks, to a speech recognition software that converts my interpretation into written text in real time. The captions are then displayed with a very minimum delay, or “decalage”, on the main conference screen, on individual monitors, or even on mobile devices via an app, according to the event organizer’s needs.

Live subtitles provide a range of benefits…

… And are used in various settings:

Offer your audience the full experience they expect.

Written translation, revision and transcription

I have been providing written translation services from English, French and Spanish into Italian and from Italian into English for over 20 years, with an overall output of about 4.5 million words translated.

Since 2002, my clients rely on my ability to deliver error-free documents while adhering to strict deadlines and budget requirements.

When translating documents or revising third-party translations, I build in multiple levels of control in my content, proofreading my work several times before final delivery. I can ensure terminology consistency project after project, thanks to the use of translation memory softwares like Trados Studio.

I also provide post-editing of machine-translated texts, making sure that any mistake and inaccuracy in the machine-translated proposal is corrected, and completing a linguistic and stylistic revision of the target text.

As for audio material, I offer English and Italian transcription and direct translation of audio recordings in my language combinations. During the COVID-19 emergency, if you can’t hold your meeting online for any reason, converting your recorded speeches into a written language script to be distributed to your foreign audience is still a viable solution to keep communication going!

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